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Dark clouds manifested over the floating islands. They crackled sizzling lightning and spit icy rain atop the ruins. Thunder echoed in the distance and rumbled through the bits of broken stone and cement.

Atop the clouds, Whirlwind, Sonic Boom and Lightning Rod busily worked, barely noticing Cynder frantically bursting through the cloud wall. 

Whirlwind was concentrating hard on making the grey clouds with her wings and quickly zapping them with her horn to give them their charge. Sonic Boom was poking her head down through the clouds and screeching to make a thunder like noise, her babies echoing her in smaller squeaks. Lightning Rod was flinging bolts of lightning down and watching them flash light onto the skylanders below.

"Cynder, you're late, you should have been here ten minutes ago," Whirlwind said as she sent another cloud into the sky. 

"I know, I slept in and I forgot it was storm day. But I'm not here for that, Eon wants you, he's says its an emergency!" Cynder wasn't normally this frantic or frightened and Whirlwind thought it might be a good idea to listen to her.

"What's wrong?" Whirlwind asked.

"I don't know, all I know is that if you don't come down soon, then bad things will happen." 

"Okay fine, I'll go. Everyone take care of the storm for me, I think it could go on for some time without me," Whirlwind said to her peers as they sent thunder and lightning down to the islands below. She followed Cynder down though the clouds and onto the large floating island where the skylanders lived. She couldn't see any skylanders, except the ones tucked in the ruins to escape the pounding rain.

After some running through the soggy grass, Whirlwind and Cynder found themselves at the temple where Eon lived. Spyro sat outside with a worried look on his face. Spyro was always Eon's favorite, Whirlwind thought bitterly. Why does Eon want me?

An ancient face appeared in the doorway as the huge metal door swung open. Spyro sprang from where he was sitting and joined the figure in the doorway. It was Master Eon.

"There you are Whirlwind, I was worried you'd be too busy with the weather to come down," He said with a wrinkled smile.

"No sir, my team can handle without me for some time. If only all of them showed up," Whirlwind muttered with an annoyed glance at Cynder. 

"Hey, at least I don't spend all day preening feathers or polishing my horns," Cynder said mockingly, already back to her normal self.

"At least I don't have a creepy ghost friend who always follows me around and-"

"Enough, there's no time for this nonsense!" Eon screamed.

"Sorry Eon, I'll have to punish my team member later. Anyway, why did you call me here?" Whirlwind asked slightly embarrassed that she acted out in front of her Portal Mater.

"I have called you here for a mission." Whirlwind's stomach jumped a bit, she was rarely sent on missions. "We have had reports that trolls have taken over the unicorn kingdom and are using their magic for their wicked deeds. I was hoping you, having unicorn ancestry, would lead this mission." 

Whirlwinds stomach flopped. No, she couldn't help the unicorns, not after what they all did to her. So many years of being made fun of and shunned summoned a ball of boiling hate against them.

"No...I can't...." Whirlwind tried to say, trying not to choke on the anger in her voice. It didn't matter if she was part unicorn, she would never ever help them.

"No? But Whirlwind, you're a skylander, you have to protect and help the weak."

"No," she said more force this time. She forced herself no to yell or cry, but she could already feel the hot tears staining her feathers. Not that if mattered, the rain had already soaked her feathers into drooping mess. 

"O Whirlwind, you have to go. Just take a team with you and go kick some troll butt!" Spyro said trying to help the situation, which he failed at.

"Whirlwind, I understand you don't have the best relationship with the unicorns, but we need you to do this. You're the only one who knows where the unicorn kingdom is." Eon said.

Whirlwind fought back a scoff. "What about that whole library behind you, nothing in there about the huge island of horned horses?" Whirlwind pointed behind Eon to shelves stretching around the room stuffed with books and scrolls. She glanced back at Eon who sadly shook his head.

"No, but Whirlwind I need you to do this. You're their only hope to a life of freedom." Eon gave her a hard look.

Whirlwind thought long for a moment and reconsidered. Yes, not all of the unicorns made fun of me, the younger ones probably had never heard of me.  The ones who were mean and nasty called me names and bullied me just because I was different. But that doesn't mean they are still now...

"Fine, I'll go, but it doesn't mean I still have feelings for them," Whirlwind finally said with a twinge of regret.

"I'm glad you saw what was really important," Eon said with delight on his face.

"Yeah, but I'm taking a team with me. Boomer comes to mind as a perfect choice for a troll mission. Gill Grunt would be a good companion, Sunburn and Camo too."  Whirlwind ran through the list in her head of the skylanders strong enough to give her company on her mission.

"Sounds good to me. You must leave now, before anything gets worse in the unicorn kingdom," Eon said, but Whirlwind was already searching through the broken stone and ruble for Boomer. After some time, she found him huddled under a stone arch out of the rain.

She explained her mission to the non-evil troll. He quickly agreed to come and help out, but only if he got to blow something up. Whirlwind rolled her eyes and pulled him along through the ruins for Gill Grunt, but then it dawned on her that he was probably out enjoying the rain unlike the rest if the skylanders.

They arrived at the beach near the edge of the island where a small body of water was fed by a steady stream of water from above. Zap and Gill Grunt splashed in the shallows and swam through the waves. Zap glided over the water while Gill bobbed up and down before diving to the bottom of the water.

"Hey Gill, come over here!" Whirlwind waved her claws in the air to get his attention.

"Hi Whirlwind, aren't you supposed to be up in the clouds making it rain? Gill asked.

"Not anymore, I'm going on a mission, and I want you to come along."

"Really? That would be fun! Sorry Zap, but I gotta mission to go on!" Gill hopped out of the water and waddled over to Whirlwind and Boomer's side. The three skylanders walked back to the ruins and found the rope bridge leading to a small floating island covered in plants. 

"Hey Whirlwind! This is way too much rain! My tomatoes are waterlogged, I can practically hear them drowning!" Camo called from the tiny island packed to the edge with vegetables and fruits and plants. 

"Sorry Camo, but we need the rain. Beside, can't you just grow food instantly with your tail?" Whirlwind asked.

"No way, everything I grow explodes!" Camo yelled as his tail slapped the ground. A vine snaked up from the ground where his tail touched, and a lump slowly grew on its tip into a swollen watermelon. After a few moments of tense waiting as the fruit grew larger, the watermelon finally exploded into red chunks and rind.

"Never mind that, I have a mission to go on and I want you to come and help me!" Whirlwind started to walk across the rope bride made of vines woven together. After some slipping and sliding on the wet surface, she gave up and waited until Camo rode a giant vine to the other side of the bridge. 

"I'd love to join you, but I need to tend the plants right now, or we'll have no food. All this rain is making them stressed." Camo glanced worriedly back to his plants on the tiny island. 

"O come on Camo, nobody really eats that stuff. Roasted sheep and chompies are where it's at." Whirlwind's mouth water at the thought of a charred sheep with crispy hooves. The vegetables in Camo's garden made her sick and tasted horrible. 

"No way am I eating meat!" Camo wrinkled his nose at the idea.

"But if you're half plant and you eat plants, isn't that, like, cannibalism?" Whirlwind shuddered as she thought about it.


"Look, Eon really wants me to do this and I need a worthy team at my side. You're a great fighter, and I could really use you out there." Whirlwind wrapped one of her wings around Camo's shoulder. He stared at the ground for a moment then looked at Whirlwind.

"I'll go with you, but promise to stop the rain right now!"

"Fine, go find Sunburn for me and tell him that he's on the team too," Whirlwind said as she lifted into the air and up towards the puffy grey clouds. She passed through the wet, cushiony layer of cloud and arrived above the storm. 

Cynder was there with Sonic Boom and Lightning Rod sending thunder and lightning down. Each of Sonic Boom's babies bounced around and screeched at each other. 

"Guys, I need you to bust all the clouds, Camo says we have enough rain."

"What? It's only been twenty minutes!" Sonic complained. 

"Sorry guys, I've been chosen to go on a mission and the only way I can get Camo to come with me is to stop the rain," Whirlwind said as she flapped her wings towards the clouds and sent them into a swirly spin before disappearing. 

"Well, good luck Whirlwind, we'll take care of the weather while you're gone!" Lightning Rod called out as Whirlwind disappeared below the clouds. As she flew, Whirlwind spotted the bright glow of Sunburn below under a hollowed boulder. She landed down beside him and saw Camo and Gill Grunt talking to him inside the the giant rock.

"You gotta go, Whirlwind told us you need to go with us!" Gill tried to reason with the phoenix dragon huddled in the crevice sheltered from the rain. 

"No, I don't want to go out until I see Whirlwind!" He snapped at Camo who reached out to pull him. 

"Everything alright Sunburn?" Whirlwind pushed Camo aside. 

"Whirlwind! Glad to see you. Gill and Camo are going nuts saying that we have to go on a mission. Is it true?" 

"Yes, and apparently we need to leave now." She pulled him outside and into the drizzle slowly ceasing. Sunburn grimaced as his feathers sizzled with each drop touching him. 

Whirlwind lead the skylanders to the edge on the ruins. Whirlwind stared out beyond the islands she called home. Out their there were the unicorns, captured and under the control of the trolls. Whirlwind may not like the unicorns, but this was something that she had to do.
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